May 6, 2015

Video Systems

infoknight is experienced in working with a wide variety of video equipment and manufacturers. and has the ability to provide and install many types of cameras (analog, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, IP, IR, Thermal, etc.).

We are experienced in adding new cameras to existing systems and facilities, as well as replacing older obsolete cameras with high-resolution analog or IP megapixel cameras. We can assist in selecting the correct camera for any application.

Besides cameras, we offer a multitude of head-end equipment, and have experience in working with legacy equipment when necessary such as video matrix switchers, multiplexers, and video quads. We also provide and install Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Hybrid Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and total IP-based network video systems.

IP based Video Systems
Network-based video systems offer several advantages over traditional analog systems and digital video recording systems. One major advantage of the network-based (or IP-based) video system is the unmatched scalability. The system can support unlimited servers, sites and clients to allow you to design a system to fit your organization.