May 7, 2015

Testing Management

Testing modern applications, such as composite/hybrid applications, cloud computing, and mobile platforms introduce challenges to today's functional testing teams, many of which are not equipped with tools and knowledge to rise to the challenges.

infoknight offers a comprehensive functional testing solution to help you deliver quality applications at the speed of your business.

Application Validation – Performance Engineering

  • Proven way to increase your ROI and enhance the customer experience.
  • The difference between a good application and a great application is performance – feature-sets lose their luster if the user has a bad experience.
  • A well-performing application uses fewer resources to accomplish more things more quickly, thereby increasing your ROI.
  • Ensure your application is fine-tuned for maximum performance, enabling your system to become even more efficient.

 Application Validation – Functional Testing

  • Ensure that the requirements are captured completely and accurately in the product.
  • Test the full range of functionality of applications with scalability in mind.
  • Structured process  implementation such as traceability-matrix.

Application Validation – Test Automation

  • There are several situations where automated testing can replace costly manual testing processes.
  • Test automation can reduce errors and increase speed of testing and is ideal for regression and load testing.
  • Leverage latest tools and techniques for scripting automated tests.

Application Validation – Security Testing

  • Compliance and regulatory requirements mandate.
  • Ensure your data and applications are protected from malevolence or incompetence.
  • Check application compliance with security regulations and standards, both industry-wide and government-mandated.
  • Guard sensitive information and data.