May 26, 2015

Technical Training On-demand

Technical Training On-demand (TTO)

Technical Training On-demand (TTO), is an online learning solution that delivers technical training to your team where, and more importantly, when, it is most convenient for them. Traditionally, technical training classes are delivered in public classrooms or at a customer’s training facility. However, due to the demands of today’s busy business climate and reduced travel budgets, businesses are looking for a more efficient way to enable their team in-house, with no travel or out-of-office time required. Whether you have a few users in one location or many users located around the world, we offer a TTO to fit your enablement needs.

Benefits of TTO

Enable the entire project team

You no longer have to choose which team members to train due to travel expenses or out-of-office time. With TTO you can ensure that all project team members, new and old, are trained by the same Certified Instructor for a consistent enablement experience.

Receive instruction on-demand

Access to TTO courses is available at anytime, enabling you to take instruction at the time that’s most convenient for you.

Learn at your own pace

Today’s demanding business environment doesn’t always allow us to take breaks at specified times. TTO provides you the convenience of starting and resuming your training during times most convenient for you and allows you the opportunity to re-visit segments of the training session to optimize your learning experience.

Faster employee productivity

Users that comprehend the ins and outs of a software solution can recognize the value the software provides and can quickly begin applying the tools and concepts to their day to day jobs. TTO allows employees to become productive faster.

Features of TTO

Guided lectures

All TTO courses are developed and recorded by Certified Instructor who will be your guide through the entire session. Guided lectures make learning more interactive and enjoyable for the user.

Product Demonstrations

The Instructor will focus on Software solutions to help you understand how to apply this Software effectively. Training topics include step-by-step process instructions of key concepts as well as best practices.

Interactive quizzes

TTO courses contain several interactive quizzes at regular intervals to reinforce knowledge transfer and help users assess their understanding of a topic.