May 7, 2015

Software Education Services

Take full advantage of your software. We offer our vendor's rich training and certification that meets the needs of your business and online-savvy users, and we speak everyone’s language.

Why Software Education?

Your software is useful only if people know how to use it. Software Education helps you get full value and quick ROI from your vendor software investment by getting your community up and running fast.

The key attribute of tomorrow’s IT leaders will be responsiveness to business change. To deliver this, they need to assess how education is working for their organization and implement the improvements required to provide high-quality education to all users and at the speed the business demands. Content needs to be reviewed and adjusted regularly. Those charged with raising IT productivity levels and preventing the underuse of purchased software will need to move software education from being a follower into a more strategic role. This involves anticipating change, laying out flexible roadmaps, and accelerating the delivery of enabled software users.

Customizable, flexible and continuous

It is clear that for software education to be effective, learners must have choice. This means organizations have to use different delivery methods to convey the same core learning and then benchmark results across every learning style at speed and scale. To achieve this you need a continuous learning education solution that enables highly customized training to be delivered to individual employees. Our research shows that IT managers recognize the importance of this.

The key message - education needs to evolve from being simply a “point-in-time” exercise to a continuous process that regularly touches end users. This will help tomorrow’s IT leaders counteract the impact of wider business changes such as employee churn, mergers and acquisitions, and knowledge siloes. By maintaining high levels of software adoption, education can in fact enhance agility rather than lag behind corporate changes.

WBT- Web Based Training

Web-Based Training (WBT) courses are designed for the Technical User audience of Software products. These offerings focus on the technical aspects of our vendors products and often include an abbreviated version of the content found in Instructor-led courses. Our WBT provide the technical basics around the installation, configuration, administration, and maintenance of our vendors Software products. These self-paced multimedia courses contain one or more of the following features:

  • Self-paced technical content
  • Instructor tutorials
  • Software demonstrations