May 23, 2015

Digital Service Management

Digital Service Management (DSM) is a groundbreaking new paradigm for IT Service Management (ITSM), based on a forward-looking and human-centric view of how IT is transforming employee productivity and driving innovation in the area of digital services. In the past, IT services were delivered from a centralized IT organization driven by process and rigid SLAs. Today, digital enterprises require a more dynamic and expansive system of service management that includes mobility, cloud, social, and Internet of Things (IOT), all delivered via networked digital services and platforms in a hybrid technology environment.

Digital businesses lead their industries

The vast increases in profitability are driven in part by a fundamental improvement in human productivity. Digitally advanced companies employ a "digital service first" strategy, by re-engineering their offerings through apps and applications that are:

Mobile and self-service

Using leading design framework rather than an afterthought

Lean Serviced

Automation lowers the workload on your staff while improving productivity

Intuitive and intelligent

Based on how people actually use the technology

Crowed Supported

Keeping people as an integral part of the process, but not in the way of the process

Automated and data driven

Using smart algorithms to reduce the risk of human error

High Speed

Accelerating the deploy and update of services in hours or days, not weeks or months