May 25, 2015

IT Operations Services

Improve performance, enterprise-wide

With the sheer number of platforms and programs, servers and systems that make up an enterprise IT environment, the success of your business depends on being able to monitor and respond to issues, as soon as they arise.

infoknight offers a full suite of IT operations services to help you do just that. In these offerings, you’ll work with our IT operations experts to configure an implementation of any of our performance, capacity, and availability solutions to meet your company’s specific needs.

Reap the benefits of proactive IT operations management

infoknight Operations Management solutions offer best practices and expertise to help you control your IT operations processes and completely transform the control of your business-critical infrastructure. Our performance and event management experts will work with you to:

  • Assess your performance management needs and design a strategy
  • Configure an Operations Management solution to suit your unique environment
  • Establish a starting point for performance monitoring and event integration
  • Educate your team on product functionality and performance management best practices

What to look for in IT operations services

Flexible implementation plans

  • Installations configured for your unique environment
  • Add-ons and enhancements to suit your business priorities
  • Modular offerings to provide the level of service you need
  • Focus on maturing your organization’s IT operations
  • Roadmaps to scale and maturity

Best-practice-driven methodologies

  • Efficient, proven installation and configuration procedures
  • "Quick wins" to demonstrate value to stakeholders
  • Hands-on training with industry experts for IT staff

Fine-tune your IT operations

Business Service Impact Management

Adopt a proactive operations model built around proven processes and policies for service instrumentation, monitoring, and remediation.

Event Management Optimization Service

Improve your event management dramatically by eliminating duplicate events, enriching event descriptions, and prioritizing events based on business service.

Application Performance Management Live!

Link your infrastructure, applications, and end-user experience together to detect problems faster and achieve end-to-end service visibility.


Capacity Optimization Live!

Install Capacity Optimization to gain visibility into your computing capacity and have the ability to forecast growth and predict saturation.

Middleware Management Live!

Learn how to use your middleware management solution to monitor service levels, trace application transactions, and administer self-service functionality.

Capacity Optimization Advanced Services

Extend your Capacity Optimization implementation with advanced capabilities to support additional IT components, applications, and business driver inputs.