May 24, 2015

Federal Government Solutions

Federal IT initiatives such as the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), Cloud First, Joint Information Environment (JIE), and continuous monitoring—in addition to the needs of your user base—put a lot of pressure on IT to become more agile while reducing spending

infoknight multi-vendor automation, consolidation, and cloud solutions, you can speed up execution of federal initiatives and increase the pace of innovation—all at the same time.

Solutions to free up federal government IT

Cloud Management Solutions for Federal Government

Rely on cloud management solutions to be the foundation of a secure, cost-effective cloud that you can trust.

Joint Information Environment Solutions

Advance JIE policy with data center consolidation and automation tools, cloud computing solutions, and IT service management platforms.

Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Improve the security and resilience of critical infrastructure with IT solutions for continuous monitoring.

Federal Data Center Consolidation

Consolidate your data center to reduce its footprint and costs, increase efficiency, strengthen your overall IT security posture, and comply with FDCCI.

IT Service Management for Federal Government

Eliminate waste and duplication by consolidating with IT service management solutions, which already power end-user service delivery for most federal agency departments.